STUFF: A Few Motivational Words.

Right now I'm busy re-arranging pictures and posters around the house to freshen it up, so I'm on the look out for something new, and I'm loving the latest project from Pixers, which is a collection of adhesive and portable motivational typography posters. Every one needs a little encouragement from time to don't they, and a few well chosen words written or spoken, at the right time can be a real pick-me-up

 Photography by MyDeer Styling Petra Bindel

These are my personal favourites from the collection, the first one is something that I truly believe in and am always repeating to my own children because its easy to get hot under the collar so to speak with out knowing the whole story, and the other  two  because I am a person filled with self doubt, and am always comparing myself to others.  
Which words would you choose to be your motivational pick-me-up, check out more on Pixers

Photography by MyDeer 

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