Bringing Spring in Doors.

I spent the weekend nursing a cold and staying in doors because it has been absolutely  lashing it down outside and not very nice at all, and although there are signs of spring popping up here and there, it still feels very wintry at present, so in between watching catch up episodes of Extant (I watched episodes 1-13 in a weekend) on YouTube  while cuddled up on the couch,  I have also been following along on Instagram (I'm loving finding more Instagrammers to follow, are you on Instagram?) to see  how spring is making its way into peoples homes.   One way I notice is by using cuttings of  budding branches from trees such as apple blossom, and either using them on there own or mixing with other flowers, it makes for an eye catching display don't you think?  Nothing says spring like trees beginning to blossom does it. 


  1. Looks amazing! Can't wait to see blossoms! x

    1. I no, I keep checking the trees in the garden, but its still a little early here.

  2. Yes it really look awesome for home decor


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