Bank Holiday IKEA snaps.

We popped on over to France for the bank holiday weekend, and no visit would be complete without a wonder around IKEA, and here's  few random snaps taken on my phone, including some of the new PS range which was nice to see.  My favourite pieces being the corner cupboard below, a great use of space, and the  unit that looks like its a cross between a garden rack and a shelf. 

Apologies for poor quality  photos,  the camera on my phone is rubbish. 


  1. That pink corner shelf looks amazing, what a great way to save space! Did you come away from Ikea with anything or did you just window shop?

  2. yes i bought a few things, if I had a big enough truck I could of got more though! Testing out sofa beds and looking at items for my office, came home with a drawer unit but picked up the wrong colour, when we shop in IKEA its the french one in Rennes, so I need to brush up on my French LOL.


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